Evangelos Simoudis

Evangelos Simoudis

Managing Director

Evangelos Simoudis joined Trident Capital in 2005 and is a Managing Director. At Trident, he focuses on investments in Internet and Software and heads the firm’s Internet and SaaS advisory boards. He is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on SaaS, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, and Adtech platforms. Evangelos was named in 2012 an AlwaysOn top investor in online advertising.

Evangelos' current directorships include 8thBridge, Brightroll, eXelate, Extole, Host Analytics and PivotLink. He is also a board observer for ThisMoment. Prior directorships include Acteea (acquired by PivotLink), Bristol Technology (acquired by Hewlett-Packard), Composite Software (acquired by Cisco), Confluent Software (acquired by Oracle Corporation), Hip Digital, Princeton Softech (acquired by IBM) and Vidavee (now part of OpenText).

Prior to joining Trident, Evangelos was a partner at Apax Partners, a private equity and venture firm where he invested in early and mid-stage IT companies and served on their boards. At Apax, he also chaired the firm’s IT advisory board.

In addition to his board work for Trident, Evangelos is a member of the following: Advisory board of Caltech's Information Science and Technology; Caltech Associates; Science Board of Brandeis University; and Advisory Board of Brandeis International School of Business. Evangelos is also a member of the selective blogger groups Enterprise Irregulars, Boulder BI Trust and Scalable Start-up from UC Berkeley (http://scalablestartup.berkeley.edu/).

Before his venture career, Evangelos spent more than 20 years in high-technology industries, in executive roles spanning operations, marketing, and sales and engineering. His experience includes serving as President and CEO of Customer Analytics, a Trident-backed company acquired by Xchange, Inc. (EXAP), and as Vice President of Business Intelligence Solutions at IBM.

Born in Greece, Evangelos earned a BS in electrical engineering from Caltech and a PhD in computer science from Brandeis University. He also holds eight software patents.

When he is not working or blogging, Evangelos enjoys biking, photography, opera and cooking with his wife.