Michael Hyatt

As soon as they came on board as investors, the Trident team got to work helping us land large clients and significant partnerships. They've been a great asset for BlueCat.

Michael Hyatt

Chairman and Co-founder, BlueCat Networks

Why Trident?

When asked why they chose Trident to be their investment partner, entrepreneurs and CEOs cited our ability to support them in multiple ways.

Talent Scouts

“Talent is what drives companies in my industry,” said one executive. “Trident has been making powerful introductions for us because they know everybody in our space.”

Relationship Builders

One CEO liked that we developed a relationship with him before we invested in his company. He believed we would be valuable at the board level because we had taken the time to understand his business model…the needs on his management team…the promise of his SaaS application. “Trident was smart about our space,” he said. “They understood what we were after—and how to help us get it.”

Deal Closers

Another CEO appreciated that we were proactive and persistent—and quickly got multiple partners in the room with an attractive term sheet. “Responsiveness was one of Trident’s distinguishing factors.”

Hands-On Operators

The fact that we have former operators at our firm, not just finance guys, appealed to many of our entrepreneurs. “The Trident partner on our board understands our ecosystem and how the market is evolving,” said one entrepreneur. “He helps us examine things strategically and will push back if we’re not on the right track.”

For twenty years, we’ve been helping CEOs transform their businesses into market leaders by providing industry expertise, management candidates, customers and 24/7 support. If you’re looking for an investment partner to help your company achieve its true potential, put our visionary capital to work for you.


In 1993, our founding partners established Trident Capital with a vision to invest in information technology and business services companies...