Trident History Team

Pictured from left to right in 1993:
Trident co-founders John Moragne, Rockwell Schnabel (Emeritus), Robert McCormack (Emeritus), Donald R. Dixon and Trident investor and advisor, Ed Mathias.

Visionary Capital for Growing Companies since 1993

In 1993, our founding partners established Trident Capital with a vision to invest in information technology and business services companies.

In our early days, we funded and helped to create Mapquest, a pioneering Internet business that became synonymous with online directions. In our business services sector, we invested in companies including Cable Services Group (payment and billing services for cable companies) and Pegasus (online reservations for the travel industry) and guided them through highly successful IPOs.

Today, we are still focused on information and business services companies and have expanded our areas of expertise to include Healthcare IT, IT Security, AdTech, Mobile and Cloud computing. We seek to partner with innovators who are addressing complex challenges in these dynamic markets.

Over our twenty-year history, we've raised over $1.9 billion and have invested in more than 180 companies. We look forward to putting our deep sector knowledge and financial and operating expertise to work for your growing company.